** One Time Registration Fee **


Individual keiki  = $35

Family of keikis = $45



            Monthly Tuition


           $60 - 1 class per week

         $100 - 2 classes per week



        ~ Sibling Discount $10 ~

       ~ Referral Discount $10 ~






Little cruzers (0-3 yrs)   45 min Gymnastics & Music Class



Jammin Gym tots (3-5 yrs)   45 min Gymnastics & Music Class

       Get quality bonding time with your keiki in this fun and creative Gymnastics and Kindermusik class. We start with a short stretch and then swing, roll, jump and spin on a gymnastics obstacle course. Then we will sing, dance and play instruments together. At the end of class we play with the parachute or play another fun game. This program will assist your child in learning concepts like over and under, around and though, upside down and right side up, right and left, numbers and colors, and aquire social skills, like taking turns... and have so much fun in the process.


 Gym KIDS (6-12 yrs)        60 min Gymnastics Class

         Sing, Dance, Roll and Drum in this non-stop action class, parent participation is optional.  We start with a short stretch and a gymnastics obstacle course, where they will learn skills on the balance beam, bars, and floor.  Then we sing, dance, play instruments and practice simple beat patterns as well as learn basic music vocabulary. The class comes to a close with parachute play or another game.  Your little one will be acquiring valuable skills they will use in school as they learn to follow directions, take turns and play well with others.


No Classes are being offered at this time. 





Keiki Klubhouse knows you want the best for the child in your life. That’s why you’re here! Our music and gymnastics classes for babies, toddlers, and big kids, include fun, age-appropriate music and movement activities that help children develop: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language, and pre-literacy skills as well as balance, coordination, agility, body awareness, strength and flexibility, all the while building a lifelong love for music and sports. Come experience for yourself how our Gymnastics & Music classes will positively impact your child’s life! Our teachers strive to instill confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline in our keiki.  Class descriptions below.

          This class focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics in a positive, safe and fun environment.  Your child will build self-confidence while gaining strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.  Class time includes warm up, stretching, balance beam, bars, tumbling, vault, conditioning, and at the end of class we play a game!  Watch your child build a healthy body and mind, and a great athletic foundation that will be used in all future sports to come.

advanced gym (6-12 yrs)     60 min Music Class

          This is an invitation only class.  Gymnasts learn advanced level skills on the bars, beam, floor, and vault.  Strength and flexibility